Akhlak dalam Kehidupan Ibnu Maskawaih

Hasanah Hasanah, Nasruddin AR, Maulida Maulida


Exemplary in education is the most influential and proven method in preparing and shaping the moral, spiritual, and social ethics of children. The purpose of this study is to redefine moral education in the life of Ibn Maskawaih. This research is a library research. The approach used is a rationalistic approach. The results of the study show that (1) morality in the issue of the concept of education, Maskawaih conducts conditioning in the form of human nature from birth and also to the environment. (2) Maskawaih views that highest happiness is wisdom which brings together two aspects, namely the theoretical aspect and the practical aspect. (3) Maskawih's concept of love and friendship is the main capital in living this life and life. It seems that Maskawih strives to create a harmonious life by promoting togetherness, unity, and unity, family, and peace.

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