Aplikasi Oven Pengering Biji Pala Dengan Memanfaatkan Udara Panas Tungku Pembakaran

Putra Pratama, Muhammad Faisal, Muhtadin Muhtadin


The nutmeg dryer oven is a dryer with a capacity of 5 kg which functions to dry the nutmeg seeds by utilizing hot air from the furnace at a temperature range of 60-80 0C. The purpose of this study is to design and manufacture nutmeg dryers to use hot air from the furnace. The methodology used includes the design, manufacturing and testing of tools. From the results of the study conducted for 5 hours the following temperatures were obtained; in the first hour the temperature in the oven room is 75 0C in the 60th minute, in the second hour the temperature in the oven room is 80 0C in the 30th and 55th minutes, in the third hour the maximum temperature in the oven is 80 0C in the 30th minute and 45th minutes, at the fourth hour the oven room temperature is 800C at the 40th and 50th minutes and at the fifth hour the oven room temperature is at 800C at the 45th and 55th minutes. From the test results of drying the nutmeg seeds using this drying oven, the nutmeg seed dryness level is around ± 9.15% and this corresponds to the nutmeg seeds on the market which is 8% - 11%. This oven is also very economical in terms of fuel use and drying time which only takes ± 5 hours.

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