Analisa Kinerja Oven Pembakaran Berbahan Bakar Biomassa

Usman Usman, M. Isa T. Ibrahim, Muhtadin Muhtadin


One alternative energy source that has great opportunities to develop its use in Indonesia is biomass energy.  Biomass can be converted into energy by a variety of process methods. One of the thermochemical processes that is often used is combustion technology. To ensure the combustion process can run perfectly, the combustion is carried out in excess air conditions (excess air). This study aims to look at the temperature profile of the combustion that takes place in the combustion oven by utilizing the hot temperatures resulting from the combustion of a cylinder type rocket furnace using solid biomass fuel. From the research results obtained the highest temperature in the oven room by using Laban solid biomass that is equal to ± 499 oC in the 28th minute of combustion. There is a similarity in temperature profile in the oven space between solid wood type of laban wood and tamarind wood, but it is distinguished from the characteristics and heating value of the two biomass. Still high temperatures on the oven wall that is equal to ± 90 oC by using solid wood fuel types Laban. This is influenced by the characteristics of the fuel. Of the three biomass, tamarind wood species produces the lowest temperature in the oven wall, which is ± 58 oC.

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