Students’ Perception On The Use Of Inferring And Predicting Chart For Learning Interpretive Reading

Ratri Harida, Rifa Suci Wulandari


Interpretive Reading course is designed to enable the students to apply effective reading strategy. The inferring and predicting chart is one of the strategies that aim to train the predicting and inferring strategy by creating picture or mental image for the readers. The students’ perceptions about the chart’s can give some data on the merit and drawbacks chart application for learning reading. This descriptive qualitative study used case study method. It used interview as the instrument of data collection and  Miles and Huberman model  for data analysis. The study showed most of the students gave positive perceptions on the strategy application. The merits of using the chart were; it is quite challenging, different from traditional lecturing method, and make them learn reading systematically. The drawbacks of using the chart were the puzzlement on making use the explicit and implicit information from the text to guess the author’s meaning/intention. There should be further and more massive data collection to support and follow-up the result of the study. Further investigations about the reasons behind the students’ negative perception for the chart is also  needed to  reveal the actual reasons for the answers and find the best solutions.

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