Fenomena Pengalaman Pengasuh dalam Merawat Lansia dengan Penyakit Kronis Rematik di Lembaga Kesejahteraan Sosial Banda Aceh

Iskandar Iskandar, Hajjul Kamil, Endang Mutiawati


The caregiver's experience in caring for the elderly with Rheumatoid Arthritis is a complex feeling felt by caregivers in meeting the needs of elderly self care with various factors experienced by each caregiver. This study aims to explore in depth the factors of experience of caregivers in caring for the elderly with Rheumatoid Arthritis at Nursing Home in Banda Aceh State. This study uses qualitative methods of transcendental phenomenology with in-depth interview methods. Participants in this study were the main caregivers of rheumatoid elderly who were obtained by purposive sampling technique. The data collected in the form of interviews and field notes were analyzed by applying the Miles and Huberman techniques. This study identified four themes, namely supporting factors within the caregiver, supporting factors outside the self-caregiver, inhibiting factors within the caregiver, and inhibiting factors from the outside of the caregiver. Researchers suggest to avoid the risk of mistreatment in the elderly so that the LKS managers can facilitate routine refreshment of knowledge and caregiver skills in responding to various factors in caring for the elderly with chronic diseases, especially rheumatism.

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