Pengaruh Pengetahuan terhadap Tindakan Pemeliharaan Gigi Tiruan Sebagian Lepasan dari Masyarakat Gampong Cot Kecamatan Darussalam Kabupaten Aceh Besar

Ainun Mardiah, Reca Reca


The use removable dentures that are not accompanied by good oral hygiene can result in plaque accumulation. Plaques that from on removable dentures can have  significant impact on dental and oral healt. Can cause inflammation of the oral soft tissues, gingival inflammation and tooth decay. Based on the result of the initial data collection conducted by the study by interviewing 10 people in the cotong, the average knowledge was (70%). The purpose of the study was to determine the effect of knowledge on the maintenance of removable partial dentures. The population of this research is all people who use removebale partial dentures the sampel in this study amounted to 35 responden people. the method of data colletion was done triugh interviews using a questionnaire. The results showed that there was an effect of knowledge on the maintenance of removable partial dentures from the cotong sub-district of darusalam sub-district of big aceh. The result of the test obtained P value of 0.001 and the action  value of P was 0.012 because p<α, so Ha was accepted, the respondent’s knowledge about the maintenance of dentures was ann average (54,3%) in the unfavorable category, while the maintenance of dentures amounted to of (74,3) in the category of poor. Based on the result of the study it can be  concluded that there How to maintain dentures as a removable methid by searching for information through print or electronic media.

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