Pengaruh Pemberian Tepung Kunyit Dalam Pakan Terhadap Bobot Badan Itik (Anas Plathyrynchos)

Sari Wardani, Zahrul Fuadi, Rahmat Rizki


This research aims to study the effect of turmeric flour on duck body weight. Material used in that research was 96 ducks that were kept from the age of one month to the harvest age placed in the drum ren system. This research used the Complete RandomIzed Design (RAL) method with four levels of treatment and four replays. The treatment in the study consisted of K0 = without turmeric flour; K1 = 0.4 % per kg of feed; K2 = 0.8 % per kg of feed and K3 = 1.2 % per kg of feed. Based on the results of the study, it can be concluded that the addition of turmeric flour in the ration gives a real influence (P < 0.05) on the weight gain of ducks without the addition of turmeric flour. The best result was given on the addition of turmeric flour by 0.8 percent per kg of feed with an average weight gain of 267.13 grams.

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