Potensi Pemberian Pupuk NPK BASF dan Pupuk Trichoderma Viride Terhadap Pertumbuhan Dan Produksi Bawang Merah Tuk Tuk(Allium Ascalonicum L.)

Savitri Savitri, Elvrida Rosa


: Potency of BASF NPK and Trichoderma viride fertilizer for growth and production of onio (Allium ascalonicum L.). This research was conducted in farm of Agriculture faculty, Abulyatama University which are carried out from February to May 2021. The design was a factorial randomized completely design (CRD) in factorial pattern 4x3 with three replications so get 12 treatments combination and for whole set 36 trial units. The first factor is searched are Trichoderma viride fertilizer (T) that are consisted 4 levels, To = 0 grams/polybag (0 tons/ha), T1 = 50 grams/polybag (10 tons/ha), T2 = 100 grams/polybag, T3 = 150 grams/polybag (30 tons/ha). NPK BASF  Fertilizer consisted 3 levels, that are N0 = 0 grams/polybag (0 tons/ha), N1 = 3 grams/polybag 600 kg/ha), N2 = 6 grams/polybag (1200 kg/ha) . Parameters that are showed in this research are height plant, diameter of tuber, wet tuber weight and dry tuber weight. The results showed treatment for various of dosage trichoderma viride had a very significant effect for high plant 20 and 40 HST, and in 60 HST is not significant. The best treatment T1   50 grams/polybag). The Trichoderma viride no significant for diameter of tuber, wet tuber weight and dry tuber weight. The NPK BASF fertilizer is not significant effect for all parameters, is not significant effect for all interaction between Trichoderma viride and NPK BASF fertilizer.

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