Peranan Masyarakat Simeulue Dalam Mempertahankan Kearifan Lokal Melalui Adat Istiadat Perkawinan

Raswandi Raswandi, Akhyar Akhyar, Saifuddin Saifuddin


This study aimed to describe the role of the Simeulue community in maintaining local wisdom through marital customs. In the community to preserve the existing local wisdom, it is necessary to take the role of the community so that the existing local wisdom is always preserved and always maintained. There is a group of people who live together. In this case, no matter how many people live together. There are at least two people. Together life lasted for quite a long time. The phrase "long enough" is not a measure of numbers. Rather, it wants to show that the life together is not incidental and spontaneous, but is done for the long term. There is awareness among community members that they are a common life. Thus, there is solidarity between citizens and human groups. The human group is a life together. That is, they have a shared culture that makes group members bound to one another. Local wisdom is part of the culture of a society that cannot be separated from the language of the community itself. Local wisdom is usually passed down from generation to generation through word of mouth. Customs are cultural behavior and rules that have been tried to be applied in the community. Customs are a characteristic of an area that is inherent long ago in the people who did it. Marriage is a spiritual bond between a man and a woman as husband and wife with the aim of forming a happy and eternal family (household) based on the Godhead of the Almighty.

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