Pengaruh Green Commitment, Green Transformational Leadership Dan Kepuasan Kinerja Terhadap Kinerja Karyawan

Nurin Fahira


Labor is a form of organizational capital (human capital) which has an important role, especially in relation to the ability to innovate and be entrepreneurial, skills that can be developed as needed. One of the efforts to implement go green practices in the organization will be achieved through the fulfillment of effective employee job satisfaction. The organization will achieve effectiveness if the work activities carried out by employees reach an effective point and feel job satisfaction in the organization. Green behavioral practices can be seen from the use of online finger print attendance, use of online electronic service manuscripts, use of scanners, use of temperature sensitive lamps, use of solar cells, use of water regulators, etc. are influenced by green commitment, fulfillment of job satisfaction in employees and green transformational One of the achievements of good leadership in the organization is the fulfillment of effective employee job satisfaction.

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