Analisis Sektor Ekonomi Unggulan Dan Potensial Terhadap Perekonomian Di Provinsi Aceh (Periode 2010-2017)

Sadwir Munandar, Irwan Safwadi, Isthafan Najmi


his study aims to analyze the leading and potential economic sectors in Aceh Province. The data used are secondary data in the form of time series data (Time Series) from the GRDP data of Aceh Province and Indonesia in 2010-2017. The analytical tool used is Klassen's Tipology, Location Quotient (LQ), and Shift Share. The results of the Klassen Tipology analysis show that the developed and rapidly growing sector in Aceh Province, namely: the agriculture, forestry and fisheries sectors with the administrative sector of government, defense and mandatory social security. The results of the LQ analysis show that the basic sectors in Aceh Province are agriculture, forestry, and fisheries, mining and mining, wholesale and retail trade; car and motorcycle repair, transportation and warehousing, real estate, government administration, mandatory defense and social security and health services and social activities. Shift Share analysis results show that the competitive sector and growing fast in the National economy, namely: agriculture, forestry and fisheries, electricity and gas procurement, water supply, waste management, waste and recycling, provision of accommodation and food and drink, real estate, Administration government, defense and compulsory social security, education services. It is expected that the government will prioritize the development of leading economic sectors so that they are developed, managed and handled more optimally so that they can produce sectors that are able to become priorities and maximum added value later.

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