Uji Eksperimental Dongkrak Hidraulik Dengan Pengukur Tekanan Pada Alat Press Patarana

Muhammad Ikbal, M. Isa T. Ibrahim, Muhtadin Muhtadin


Pressing of Pliek U oil (patarana oil) is a fermented oil produced from grated coconut. Besides its use as an ingredient in cooking utensils, it also functions as medicine and its pulp can also be used to make or mix foods known locally: Gulee pliek, pliek u teulheue, rujak pliek u, and other kinds. The method of taking oil from pliek (patarana) uses a mechanical pressing method. The purpose of this thesis is an experimental test of hydraulic jack with a pressure gauge. Pressure gauge hydraulic press machine is moved manually. The choice of this method is accompanied by the consideration that the operation of a pressure gauge hydraulic press machine is quite simple and requires a relatively short time in the pressing process. This hydraulic press machine is made using strong and corrosion resistant materials for small scale. Test using a hydraulic press This pressure gauge for three days with an interval of one day of fermentation with clean oil expenditure as follows: The first day with a pressure of 20-100 bar to produce 1,260 ml pressing. The second pressure is 20-100 bar with 335 ml pressing. Day three Pressure from 20 to 100 bar with 335 ml pressing.

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