Peran Strategis Pengawas Dalam Penjaminan Mutu Madrasah

Fikriah Fikriah


The succes of the implementation in madrasahs (Schools) is at least supported by four elements: teachers, principals, supervisors and the comunity. Madrasahs are one of the schools. The success of implementation of education in madrasas must be supported by at least four elements: the teacher, the principals, the supervisor and the community. Madrasah is an education unit under the Ministry of Religion which is currently in high demand by the community because the quality of education is better than public schools in general. This is inseparable from the strategy adopted by Madrasah Supervisors as a coach and motivator for madrasah’s success. The problem in this paper is how is the effort of madrasah supervisors to improve their competence and have a strategic role in madrasah quality assurance. The study used in this paper is the best practice of the author herself and the study of literature and drawing conclusions. From this paper, it can be concluded that (1) the competence of madrasah supervisors determines the success of the field both in compiling a supervision program, carrying out a supervision program, evaluating the results of the program implementation, and carrying out teacher professionalism and training. (2) Improvement and quality assurance of education will run well if the duties of supervisors, academic supervision and managerial supervision run well too. Supervisors are the spearhead in improving the quality of madrasahs especially the guided madrasah

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