Peran Pengawas Dalam Mempersiapkan Akreditasi Madrasah

Nurmawati Nurmawati


One of many important component in education is the teacher. In reality, many teachers encounter several obstacles that cause the implementation of the learning process to be less than optimal. Some of the obstacles faced by teachers are the lack of innovation, lack of motivation to improve abilities, indifference to various developments and lack of supporting facilities and infrastructure. Increasing teacher professionalism (quality of education) is very important in the education process, improving teacher professionalism is an effort to help teachers who do not yet have professional qualifications to become professionals. One way to improve the quality of education is to know the development of schools through supervision, besides that supervision is needed by a teacher who experiences various obstacles. By providing guidance, direction, and assistance in developing his potential to become a professional teacher. Therefore, supervision is very important and needed by schools. In the education process, supervision is an inseparable part to increase learning achievement and school quality. Educational supervision is nothing but an effort to provide services to educational stakeholders, especially to teachers, both individually and in groups in an effort to improve the quality of the process and learning outcomes. Supervision is all assistance from school leaders and supervisors aimed at the development of teacher leadership and other school personnel in achieving educational goals.

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