Pendampingan Studi Lapang Agribisnis Urban Farming bagi Masyarkat Kota dengan Pelaku Bisnis Hydroponic di Kota Banda Aceh

Teuku Fadhla, M. Nasier Ismail


Urban farming is a solution for urban communities in general as an effort to increase income and productivity. The importance of cooperation between residents in realizing this desire must be in line with and supported by the Village Government, so that the development planning process can run optimally. The desire of the residents to be accommodated by the Village Government resulted in the idea of forming a Tunggai Hamlet Community that was creative and in line with the mayor's program which was packaged in the theme "Kota Banda Aceh Gemilang". In order to support creative ideas to develop the economy of the city community, the Village Government, especially the Tunggai Gampong Lamgugob Hamlet, invited stakeholders including the Abulyatama University academic community, especially the Agribusiness Study Program, Faculty of Agriculture to formulate the plan. The initial stage of the Tunggaid Hamlet apparatus in increasing the awareness of its citizens, especially the youth, is to equalize perceptions by evaluating themselves and seeing their weaknesses, one of which is the formation of small business groups through independent groups or Bumdes to strengthen the community's economy. In addition, it will foster small groups from each hamlet that have efforts to be professional both in terms of ability, awareness, and desire to form creative youth. So far, the activities carried out are still limited to filling leisure and channeling hobbies and as a side business have not had the thought of being used as a business opportunity. So it is necessary to change the mindset from just channeling hobbies into the mindset of entrepreneurs. The objectives expected from the Agribusiness Field Study assistance program through the Urban Farming concept are: a) Increasing the entrepreneurial mindset of the Tunggai Hamlet Youth. b) Increased innovation capabilities in hydroponic and marketing businesses. c) Producing Agribusiness products through a healthy hydroponic system to be used as a business.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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